Newspaper Editorial Boards Across the Country Denounce GOP Health Repeal Effort

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As their first order of business, newly-elected House Republicans have made repealing health benefits of millions of Americans their top priority – instead of working to create jobs, as they promised on the campaign trail.

The Affordable Care Act provides benefits to seniors, young adults, folks with pre-existing conditions, and improves care and lowers health care costs across the board. Despite those widespread improvements to health care in America, Republicans are placating their Party’s extreme base and the special interests that would benefit from repeal.

With our country fighting to get back on its feet, Congress should be focused on creating jobs rather than attempting to score meaningless political points. Fortunately, editorial boards below are paying attention – here are a few from across the country.

Las Vegas Sun: “A Republican ‘plan’: House GOP ready to start new Congress with foolish repeal of health care.”“Americans largely support the health care law’s key provisions, and a repeal would once again give insurance companies the right to exclude people from coverage because of preexisting conditions and would reinstate the so-called “doughnut hole” in Medicare prescription coverage.  This is foolish, but the Republican desire to press ahead with repealing the health care law only foreshadows what is to come. They’re playing for the 2012 election, no matter what the public wants, and that will lead to a greater partisan divide and less work done in Washington.” [Las Vegas Sun, 1/4/11]

St. Pete Times: “Health Law’s Achievements.” Many members of the incoming Republican Congress told voters they'd work to repeal the landmark health care reform. But as 2010 comes to a close, it's worth noting the substantial strides the Affordable Care Act has already achieved in making health care more accessible, and those coming in 2011. Repealing the act, which won't take full effect until 2014, would mean reversing these improvements. Already in effect: Patient's Bill of Rights… Young Adults Coverage… High-Risk Insurance Coverage… Tax Credits… Effective Jan. 1: Medicare Extras… Premium Value… Primary Care Boost…”  [St. Petersburg Times, 12/31/10]

La Opinión: “Now, the GOP’s electoral priority is to derail the first healthcare reform since 1965. Starting next week, the intention of the majority in the new House of Representatives will be to sabotage the implementation of the healthcare law. We hope that in 2011, for the well-being of the majority of Americans, those who believe access to healthcare is a right rather than a privilege, will win the public debate.” [La Opinion, 12/31/10]