North Carolina reacts to the debate

It's pretty clear to these North Carolinians who won the debate last night.

Janet from Winston-Salem:

"President Obama was so engaged. He made good points about health care, especially points about women's issues. Mitt Romney's not really for women's issues. His explanation of his stance on equal pay was so bizarre—and the one thing that stuck out for me was how he said he understood it because he had a woman who had to leave early to make dinner for her kids. I thought, he just doesn't get it at all."

Tony from High Point:

"Last night, Barack Obama was the president we elected in '08—the president who will continue to do the job from 2012–2016. The President stood toe to toe with Romney and spoke about that 47 percent. There's an old passage, what you do in the dark will come to light. Romney spoke something behind closed doors that was the true heart of the man. Then, in public, he says something else. You cannot trust a guy like that. The President has been consistent. It's a tough job, but he's done well."

Dan from Winston-Salem:

"President Obama did a great job last night. I watched it all. The moment when Romney tried and failed to nail him on his comment [on Libya] in the Rose Garden was priceless. To me, it showed how Romney comes across as hard and uncaring and Obama comes across as caring for the people."

Jo from High Point:

"President Obama did excellent. He showed he's presidential, but he got Romney on Libya, he got him on immigration, he got him on health care. He showed Romney for who he is: someone who tells everyone what they want to hear and then lets his surrogates walk it back. That is not what a candidate for president is supposed to do."

Ellen from Winston-Salem:

"Romney was flustered last night. The President was much more clear. He just stated his case so much more succinctly, especially on women's issues. Romney's been back and forth—women can't trust him. I think we have to go with someone who's actually done what's in our best interest."