Ohio Democratic Party: Romney to attend OSU-Wisconsin game, will root for whomever is winning at the time

Breaking news from our friends in Ohio on the heels of Mitt Romney's absurd flip-flop-flip on the state's anti-collective bargaining law:

The Ohio Democratic Party has learned that professional presidential candidate and serial flip-flopper Mitt Romney will attend this Saturday’s OSU-Wisconsin game during a brief campaign stop in Columbus. However, in a not-so-surprising development, Mr. Romney will refuse to address anything about the game or cheer for one of the teams. The former governor of Massachusetts has told Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine that, despite his plan to wear a red shirt, he is unfamiliar with the game or the teams and will cheer for whomever is leading at the time. Once Romney leaves the state, after conservative bloggers and his Republican primary opponents pan his visit as another example of Romney waffling on every issue, the former Massachusetts Governor will announce which team he was in fact rooting for, saying that he “fully supports” that team “110 percent.”

“Mitt Romney cheering for whatever team is winning shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone in Ohio,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokesman Seth Bringman. “But, if Governor Romney doesn’t support the best interests of the people of Ohio, the least he could do is tell us.”