On National Voter Registration Day, celebrating another win in court

Today is National Voter Registration Day, so it is especially fitting that yesterday, a New Hampshire judge blocked yet another attempt by Republican lawmakers to make voter registration more difficult. This ruling marks the latest victory in our effort to protect the fundamental right to vote.

The decision concerned a GOP bill in New Hampshire—enacted over Gov. John Lynch’s veto—that revised the state’s voter registration form to include inaccurate and misleading statements about voter registration requirements. Specifically, the new form stated that people who register to vote in New Hampshire would have to register their cars there, and also obtain a New Hampshire driver’s license.

The court concluded that these statements were contrary to established law, did not pass constitutional muster, and would have undoubtedly discouraged eligible voters from registering. In the court’s words, “Those who by our laws and our constitutions have the fundamental right to vote in New Hampshire must not have that right inappropriately burdened or infringed.” The court ordered that the language be removed, so the form accurately reflects New Hampshire law.

The right to vote is fundamental. It should never be restricted for partisan reasons. We celebrate this decision for protecting this right for all eligible voters in New Hampshire, including college students and our brave members of the military.

This decision is just the latest in an undeniable string of victories for voting rights advocates in states like Iowa and Florida. In the weeks ahead, we will continue to use every resource at our disposal to protect the right to vote.

And today, we encourage all Americans to join their fellow citizens who are participating in National Voter Registration Day. Every time an eligible American registers to vote, our nation is strengthened. If you need to register, go to right now, where you can follow a few simple steps to fill out a voter registration form—and ensure that you can fully participate in our democracy this November.

The full text of the New Hampshire Superior Court’s opinion is available here.