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Mitt Romney and Rick Perry's records and plans for jobs and the economy are so pathetically bad, they have to manipulate and distort the President's words for their own political gain. While the President is pushing a jobs agenda that would put 2 million Americans back to work, Republicans like Romney and Perry are left to level false attacks because neither their plans nor records on job creation and the economy even pass the laugh test.

Mitt Romney ran job creation in Massachusetts into the ground, finishing 47th out of 50 when he was governor. Rick Perry, on the other hand, has Texas ranked first in the country—in minimum-wage jobs. And neither has offered a plan for jobs that rivals what President Obama has offered in either the short or long term. In fact, to listen to many economists, neither has offered a plan for jobs at all.

Our newest video highlights Romney and Perry's dishonest efforts to claim the President called Americans lazy—a claim that has been roundly criticized and debunked by the media as fanciful, inaccurate, and out of context. If Romney or Perry had any plans of their own to help the middle class or create jobs, they wouldn't have to spend all their time being dishonest about the President's record.

It's important that we fight back when people falsely attack or distort the President's record. Share our video with your networks.