OFA Launches People with Disabilities for Obama

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Yesterday, on the 22nd Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Obama for America launched the People with Disabilities for Obama. As someone who has been physically disabled my entire life, today is an extremely exciting day for me. Through People with Disabilities for Obama, my community can support the President as he has supported us over the last three years.

The President wants to continue to build on the Americans with Disabilities Act. He understands that we still have a ways to go as a nation, and he wants to attain better inclusion and equality in the disabled community.

I am thankful for the positive difference the President has made on my life, and those I care about. There are approximately 54 million Americans with disabilities, and with People with Disabilities for Obama, our voice will be heard.

The President fought to make sure our voice was heard through eliminating preexisting conditions with the Affordable Care Act, and expanding health insurance coverage for the disabled. Let’s show him our thanks by helping re-elect him this fall.

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