President Obama dedicates Independence Day to honoring veterans

The Obamas spent this year’s Fourth of July honoring our nation’s veterans, servicemembers, and military families, the men and women who, as the President said in his remarks, “represent what is best in America.” 

The President and the Department of Homeland Security's Janet Napolitano conducted a citizenship ceremony in the East Room of the White House early Wednesday. The ceremony granted U.S. citizenship to 25 members of the United States armed forces who were previously undocumented. The soldiers recognized in the naturalization ceremony included winners of the Purple Heart and the Combat Medic Badge. Napolitano delivered the Oath of Allegiance, addressed the soldiers, and introduced the President. During his speech, President Obama said, “This is one of my favorite things to do. It brings me great joy and inspiration, and it reminds me that we are a country bound together not simply by ethnicity or bloodline, but by fidelity to a set of ideas.”

The ceremony was just one of many on the Fourth of July. U.S. military installations in Kandahar, Afghanistan; Seoul, South Korea; Las Vegas; Miami; Tegucigalpa; Honduras; and San Diego all held similar ceremonies granting members of America’s military citizenship to the country they fought and risked their lives for.

Later in the day, the First Family hosted a barbecue concert for military families on the White House’s South Lawn. In his remarks, the President saluted a “generation of heroes” and thanked the servicemembers and their families for what they've given to the United States. “This nation will always be there for you,” he said, “just as you’ve been there for us.”  The guests were treated to traditional Fourth of July food, performances by the U.S. Marine Band and Brad Paisley, and a beautiful view of Washington D.C.’s Independence Day fireworks.

President Obama and his family’s recognition of veterans on the Fourth of July is just one example of the Obama administration’s enduring commitment to our servicemembers. Throughout his time in office, President Obama has worked tirelessly to support veterans and military families. From the Veterans Job Corps, to tax credits for employers of veterans, to legislation helping military spouses find work, the President has never forgotten about America’s veterans, and he never will. He continues to work on eradicating the problems veterans face and is constantly increasing his efforts to fight for America’s veterans. In this season of patriotism and celebration of all that our great nation represents, increase your efforts to fight for President Obama, so he can keep on fighting for you.