President Obama Has Given My Son An Amazing Gift

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When I think about President Barack Obama, I can easily list a number of policy changes and legislative victories that are impressive in their own right.  But more importantly, they have led this nation on the road to economic recovery, political stability and respect from the international community.  The Affordable Care Act, saving America’s automobile industry, equal pay for equal work under the Lilly Ledbetter Act, ending the war in Iraq and getting rid of Osama Bin Laden are very big accomplishments.  However, those are not the most significant reasons why I support President Barack Obama.

As an African American man who is a husband and father, Barack Obama helps me in ways he probably can’t imagine and I’d be lost for words to explain it to him personally.  My son, Casey Maddox is five years old and his ambitions are limitless because of the success of Barack Obama.  When I was five years old, I could never have imagined being President of the United States because it was completely unthinkable.  And my parents reminded me of it in their own loving way.  My ambitions had limits; fortunately, that’s not the case with my son Casey.

The success of Barack Obama has taught my African American son that he really can be anything he wants to be and it is more than just a slogan.  I thank Barack Obama for that.  I thank him because he has given my son a gift I never had, the gift of limitless ambitions and uninhibited imagination.  As a father I want my son to be everything he can possibly be and Barack Obama allows little Casey Maddox to dream what was once impossible dreams and I love and admire him for that.

The President has helped turn the country around, and he is cool under pressure.  But his presence and his success has helped me inspire my son.  And that is a priceless gift.

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