President Obama Has Turned Things Around For All Americans

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Like many of the heroes we celebrate during Black History Month, President Obama has made his mark in history.  He is to be celebrated for the great strides his administration has made on behalf of African Americans.  While the United States Virgin Islands cannot cast a vote for the President of the United States, we still stand behind our President who has fought to make the territory, and the country, a better place to call home.  The President fought against huge cuts to critical programs that make a difference in the lives of thousands of Virgin Islanders. 

When Republicans in Congress tried to turn Medicare into a voucher program, the President stood up for seniors and blocked the draconian cuts from taking place.  He fought for an extension of the payroll tax cut that puts extra money in the pockets of 160 million Americans.  And he’s outlined an ambitious plan to boost the tourism industry, which is the livelihood of the Virgin Islands’ economy and responsible for thousands of jobs.

The President’s plan would make sure that the United States is the number one tourist destination in the world.  His plan would encourage people from countries like India, Brazil and China to visit the U.S.V.I. and other destinations without a tourism visa.  As the President said, “The more folks who visit America, the more Americans we get back to work.  It’s that simple.”

Because of the work and commitment of President Barack Obama, we have a renewed spirit and hope across the country that things are getting better.  And the more things improve, the more it becomes clear that we cannot afford to go back to a time when Wall Street makes the rules, insurance companies are in charge of our healthcare and companies are rewarded for shipping jobs overseas.  In November, we need to make sure that we are doing everything possible to help re-elect President Obama and keep moving our country forward.

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