President Obama in Michigan: “Put country ahead of party”

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This afternoon, President Obama visited Johnson Controls, a lithium-ion battery manufacturing company that capitalized on Recovery Act grants, to talk about his administration’s efforts to invest in innovation and create jobs. But just like so many Americans, the President is frustrated by the political posturing and gridlock in Washington – and today, he called on Congress to “put country ahead of party” and get to work.

Yes, the United States needs to reduce our debt and deficit, and live within our means. But the American economy needs a jump start, and there are measures Congress can take right now to accelerate the pace of growth.

Here are a few of the measures President Obama outlined that Congress can pass immediately to help boost job creation:

  • Extend the payroll tax cut first enacted in December 2010 to keep more money in the hands of working and middle-class families;
  • Pass a construction bill so companies can hire tens of thousands of people right now;
  • Pass the trade agreements that have been reached with other countries, but have yet to be enacted because they’re stuck in Congress; and,
  • Reform the patent system so American entrepreneurs can turn their ideas into businesses.

The President is going to propose additional measures over the coming weeks that will speed up our recovery, but he called on Congress to join his efforts to help people find work. As he said, “I’m going to keep at it until every single American who wants a job can find one.”

Click here to watch the President’s complete remarks at Johnson Controls.