President Obama: Invest in tomorrow’s leaders

Today, President Barack Obama sent the following email to supporters encouraging them to support the Hope Institute, a program that helps young people from underrepresented communities break into politics:

Friend --

Across the country there are young people with great big, new ideas for our country's future who are not very likely to find their way into politics.

A store clerk in Toledo who has terrific, fresh ideas for clean energy policy, but can't afford an unpaid internship to work for his senator. A student body president in Las Vegas who watches C-SPAN religiously, but doesn't see anyone who looks like her on the House floor.

Young people like these being handed an instruction manual and shown how to succeed in shaping their country? That's not a very likely story.

But then, a skinny guy with a name that was hard for most people to pronounce getting elected president of the United States was also an unlikely story -- until you decided to make it happen.

Democrats are looking to make some exciting things happen, and I'm asking you to chip in $5 in support.

This summer, 40 young people from underrepresented communities across the country will be flown to Washington, D.C. for the Hope Institute -- a crash course in political organizing, where they'll get to hear from seasoned campaign veterans and public servants, and gain the tools to help write the next great chapter in our nation's history.

And Democrats are picking up the tab, because we believe that helping to cultivate the next generation of Democratic leaders is worth investing in -- and because sometimes the same old story won't do.

This is something that means a lot. I hope you'll support this important work.