Protecting the Vote: Our new report and website

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In Texas, you can vote with a gun license but not with a student ID.

It's not just students who are finding themselves at risk of being disenfranchised as we approach the 2012 elections. In the past year, the GOP has launched a nationwide, politically motivated effort to restrict our most fundamental civil right: casting a ballot. Today, the DNC Voting Rights Institute is releasing a report on this unprecedented assault on voting—and what Democrats are doing to protect the vote for all Americans.

Our report, A Reversal in Progress: Restricting Voting Rights for Electoral Gain, finds that, across the board, these new Republican-passed laws make it harder to vote, particularly for voters who supported President Obama and Democratic candidates in 2008. By restricting different stages of the voting process, each of these measures is designed to shave off eligible voters from the 2012 electorate—purely to benefit Republican candidates.

The report highlights how Democrats across the country—from the grassroots level to Congress—are taking a stand to protect the right to vote, shifting momentum back toward an electoral system that is open, accessible, and fair for all eligible Americans.

From Democratic activists gathering signatures to overturn repeals of Election Day Registration, to Democratic governors vetoing photo ID laws, to lawyers volunteering at the polls, Democrats at all levels are continuing the important work of protecting the vote, from now through Election Day 2012.

Visit our new website to read the full report and learn how you can get involved in Democrats' voter protection work. The first step in fighting back? Get the word out by sharing the site with your friends and family.