Puerto Rico's Rep. Pierluisi: Romney is wrong for Hispanic Americans

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Congressman Pedro Pierluisi, Puerto Rico's representative in the U.S. Congress, is in Tampa, Florida, today to get out the word to Spanish-language media on why the policies of Mitt Romney and the Republican candidates would be devastating to Puerto Ricans and other Hispanic Americans—and what the Obama presidency has meant for his community.

Rep. Pierluisi says Obama and the Democrats stand for the things Hispanics care most about: a decent quality of life for their loved ones, opportunities for education, access to adequate health services, job creation, retirement benefits, and the rights and dignity of Hispanic immigrants. 

He cites these key examples: Because of President Obama's leadership on the Affordable Care Act and the votes of a Democratic Congress, 9 million Hispanic Americans will have access to health care. Because of President Obama and Democrats, Pell Grants have increased for low-income students. And President Obama and Democrats support a tax system that ensures everyone—millionaires and billionaires included—pay their fair share to ensure prosperity for all.

"If the Obama administration has shown anything," says Pierluisi, "it's that it's always standing with the working class, always standing with the middle class, always standing with those in need."

By contrast, the Republicans, led by Romney, have made extreme cuts—not job creation—their priority: slashing Medicare benefits, privatizing Social Security, and destroying the social safety net that has helped so many Hispanics achieve the American Dream. But Rep. Pierluisi believes the one issue in which the contrast is most pronounced is on immigration:

"If there's something that the Republican candidates, particularly Romney, have shown in this campaign, they're going out of their way to please the Tea Party movement. The best example is their position on immigration. There is no question that Mitt Romney's stand on this issue should be an offense to the Hispanic community in the States. It is clearly an anti-immigrant, anti-Hispanic sentiment. He says he would not even support the DREAM Act and would even get to the level of vetoing if the Congress approves it. The DREAM Act is the least we should be doing in terms of our broken immigration system."

We can't trust Romney or the Republicans to fix our immigration system and do right by our nation's immigrants. Hold them accountable, and add your name in strong support of the DREAM Act here.