Recapping the last debate

What folks are saying about last night's debate.

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This is what a commander in chief looks like. #ProudOfObama, Democrats
Mark Halperin: Obama Had Extraordinary Command of His and Romney's Recordsdncclips
CNN poll of debate watchers: 48% say Obama won to 40% for Romney #debates #lynndebatemsnNOW
WHO WOULD DO A BETTER JOB ON NATIONAL SECURITY? @CBSNEWS poll of uncommitted voters: 64% say Obama wins, 36% say Romney winsSarah Boxer
BREAKING: CBS NEWS INSTANT POLL Who won the #Debate? OBAMA: 53%; ROMNEY: 23%, TIE: 24% (Margin of Error: 4%; Sample Size: 521)CBS News
CBS Poll: Obama won Debate 53% to 23%dncclips
According to the CBS News instant poll 53% say the president won 23% say Romney came away as the winner. What do you think #thecyclemsnbcThe Cycle
INSTANT POLL: Obama Destroyed Mitt Romney In Tonight's Debate #debates #Forward2012R.Saddler
Obama seems more comfortable weaving his way around world -- Romney appears to be watching every word carefully to avoid gaffe, v cautiousEd Henry
First 30 minutes: Obama better than Romney. #lynndebateThe Fix
The best defense in politics, as in sports, in a good offense. Romney trying not to lose tonight - not engaging. Obama punching.John Avlon
O'Donnell: Obama Landed More Punchesdncclips
Romney's $2 trillion dollars in increased military spending destroys his deficit reduction plans. Bottom line.John Avlon
The problem for Romney is that Obama is already doing all of the things Romney says he would do.Jeffrey Goldberg
Romney said Obama began his presidency "with an apology tour." Pants on Fire! #debatesPolitiFact
ABC Fact Check on Apology Tourdncclips
Brutal line on Mitt taking donors to Israel. V nice comeback at the ready.jmartpolitico
Obama just schooled Romney on Israel.jasoncherkis
Cavuto: "Romney Botched A Lot Of Things Tonight"dncclips
Romney is actually coming across as confused in this debate - rambling, reciting and contradicting in places.John Avlon
Just in case anyone was wondering if Romney actually wrote an op ed in the NYT entitled "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt." Wagner
Fineman: Romney was Flat Out Lying on Auto Bailoutdncclips
POTUS controlled the tone and tenor of the debate, came armed with a ton of zingers. And Romney simply let him do it.Chuck Todd
Chuck Todd: "I Was Surprised At How Meek Romney Was"dncclips
Carville: If This Were Little League, They Would Have Called It in The 4th Inningdncclips
Twitter reports 6.5 million #debates tweets tonight. Tweets peaked at 105,767 per minute when Obama said "fewer horses and bayonets"USA TODAY
CHART: At 106k TPM, "Horses & Bayonets" most-tweeted moment of #lynndebate. Total debate 6.5 million. #debates Government
Rachel Maddow: Romney is a soulless shape-shifter on foreign policy
By reversing his views on war and peace, Romney has raised a character issue about his ability to be trusted as a steadfast defender of U.S.Jonathan Alter
Vice President Biden: Romney Showed He's Not Ready To Be Commander-in-Chiefdncclips
I think POTUS just sank Romney's battleshipJohn Kerry
President Obama won tonight’s debate because his leadership has made us stronger, safer & more secure. #ProudOfObama Obama

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