Remember when Romney wanted Detroit to go bankrupt?

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Tonight the Republicans are descending on Michigan for a debate on the economy.

Look for Mitt Romney to be hoping against hope that no one brings up that op-ed he wrote in the New York Times a few years back—the one where he said we should "let Detroit go bankrupt."
Romney opposed the bold plan President Obama offered, which helped two major American auto companies survive, saved 1.4 million jobs and plants across the Midwest, and helped the industry get back on its feet. Those loans that have been paid back, by the way.
When American jobs were at stake, Mitt Romney was willing to turn his back and let it all fall apart. Of course, now that the President's plan is working, his campaign has tried to take credit for it—even saying, "Mitt Romney had the idea first."
So here's what we're doing before, during, and after tonight's debate:
We're not going to let anyone forget what he said.
We're asking everyone to plaster the walls of Facebook and Twitter with the brutal truth that Mitt Romney would have let Detroit go bankrupt. Send an email to friends—just pass the note along.
Let's see what happens when the truth catches up with him.