Rep. Xavier Becerra joins Democrats in New Hampshire

Rep. Xavier Becerra of California's 31st District is in New Hampshire today, joining Democrats in our Manchester war room and across the state in spreading the word about why an out-of-touch Mitt Romney's policies would be a disaster for the middle class. We had a quick chat with Rep. Becerra to talk about his first trip to the Granite State, why Mitt Romney should not be president—and the importance of New Hampshire voters making their voices heard today.

What brings you out to New Hampshire?

New Hampshire’s always been a state with independent-minded voters. It’s a state that always sets a trend. It’s important to be out here for those of us who believe Barack Obama should become president once again.We need to shine as bright a light as possible on all Republicans who wish to be president. It’s important that there be a clear comparison and contrast with the work that President Obama has done.

What message are you bringing to New Hampshire about Mitt Romney?

Get to know Mitt Romney. The more you see him, the less you’ll like him. I think right now, with the middle class in America in crisis, you need someone who knows what it's like to be part of the middle class. I don’t believe Mitt Romney’s ever lived a day in the middle class. From some of his recent comments, it sounds like he’s more interested in firing people than finding jobs. I think at this stage, we need someone who’s going to create jobs, not fire people.

I hope a lot of folks go out and vote. The best way to strengthen our democracy is to get as many people to vote as possible, so that when we get a winner in November, it’s a person who’s got as many votes as possible versus having a few people decide elections. The 99 percenters really have to show up because we’re all tired of seeing the 1 percent run the entire country.