Republicans Once Supported Ending Oil Company Tax Breaks

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Despite opposition by the GOP and protest by oil executives, Democrats have continued their call to end government tax breaks for major oil and gas companies, the beneficiaries of windfall profits this year. But it was only a short time ago when Republicans, too, supported ending these unfair tax breaks.

Republican Senator Susan Collins, in 2008, took to the Senate floor and made the case to end taxpayer subsidies for oil and gas companies:

In a 2008 press release, Collins said:

With net profits of a single oil company reaching almost 10 billion dollars in a single quarter, we simply should not expect taxpayers struggling to pay their energy bills to continue to subsidize the oil and gas industry.

And Republican Senator John Thune of South Dakota also called for an end to these subsidies – but he has since reversed his position. Collins has yet to declare her position on the current debate.

Whether it’s Mitt Romney running away from his health care record or Tim Pawlenty reversing course on climate legislation, Republicans seem more eager to tow the party line than stand by their convictions.