RNC chair doesn't think two straight years of job growth is an improvement

We got some encouraging news this morning: The private sector added 233,000 jobs in February, bringing us to two straight years of job growth and more than 3.9 million new private-sector jobs.

Of course, there is still much work to be done as we continue the hard work of rebuilding our economy. But the truth is, we've made a lot of good progress, and it's thanks to the tough decisions and economic policies of President Obama and the resilience of the American people.

Republicans aren't too pleased about the news and what it means for them politically, so they're trying desperately to spin what should be good news for all Americans, regardless of political party. The chair of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus, even went so far as to say that "the situation is clearly not improving."

That's right: Even though it was their policies that drove our economy into a ditch, and even though the GOP has opposed recovery measures at every step of the way, Republicans don't think that two solid years of job growth is improvement.

We made an infographic to show just how wrong Republicans like the RNC chair are—pass it along to the Reince Priebuses in your life.