Romney thinks it's been "fun" getting to know Ted Nugent

One of Mitt Romney's most highly touted endorsements has been Ted Nugent, better known these days for his extreme right-wing views than for his music. After Romney sought and received Nugent's endorsement, he went on the radio last month and said, "It's been fun getting to know Ted Nugent."


Does Romney think it's "fun" that Nugent told the NRA convention that President Obama and members of his administration are "criminals," "vile," "evil," and "America-hating"? Is it "fun" for Romney when Nugent claims he'll be "dead or in jail" should President Obama be re-elected?

Let's hope not—but we won't know until Romney steps up and denounces Nugent's latest despicable remarks. Romney's been remarkably silent on his surrogate's comments, especially when you consider how quickly he is to cause a fuss over anything he perceives as a slight.

We're waiting, Mitt.