Romney's Daytona 500: A speedway full of foreign cars


In 1959, Lee Petty sped across the finish line at the first Daytona 500, winning first place. He was behind the wheel of an Oldsmobile. In the half century that followed, Pontiacs, Fords, Buicks, Mercurys, Chevrolets, and other Detroit cars won the trophy at the Great American Race.

This is a proud American tradition—just like the cars from Detroit that race to thrilling finishes year after year.

Today, the Daytona 500 will host its 54th race. These days, it's hard to imagine a NASCAR race without American cars. Four years ago, it seemed entirely possible. But President Obama made the tough decision to extend loans to Detroit automakers when they were in crisis, and today, NASCAR fans will be treated to the best stock car racing in the world, made possible by Detroit.

If Mitt Romney had had his way and we had "let Detroit go bankrupt," today we'd be watching a Daytona Beach speedway full of foreign cars. Detroit would not be producing stock cars—or any cars at all.

We made a few photos to remind everyone what Romney's position on Detroit would have meant for American car racing. Pass them along.