Romney's failure to lead

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In interviews this morning, Mitt Romney—who is rumored to be running for president—refused to weigh in on the House GOP’s payroll tax cut debacle, where they voted to raise taxes on 160 million American people five days before Christmas. At an appearance in New Hampshire this morning, Romney went so far as to say he didn’t want to get involved in “congressional sausage making.” This from a man who wants to be president.

Plenty of other leaders in the Republican Party have weighed in and been harshly critical of the House GOP—including Romney’s own home state senator, Scott Brown. But Romney, who has referred to the payroll tax cut for middle-class Americans as nothing more than a “temporary little Band-Aid,” dodged repeated questions about where he stands on the House Republicans raising taxes on 160 million Americans, where he stands on how John Boehner has handled the fiasco, and what he would do differently if he were president.

When Mitt Romney talks about a failure to lead, he knows what he is talking about: He’s the embodiment of the phrase.