Romney's hypocrisy on contraception: The plot thickens

Yesterday we told you about how Romney is in the midst of attacking the President for providing women with the very same access to contraception that he did as governor of Massachusetts. In fact, the law that Massachusetts passed while Romney was governor and the federal law he now denounces are nearly identical in requiring contraception, including emergency contraception, to be covered by health insurance.

But today a new twist in the plot surfaced—and it makes Romney's hypocrisy even more breathtaking.

Think Progress is reporting that "the very same GOP frontrunner who is now petitioning the White House to extend the regulation's conscience clause and exclude more women from the benefits of birth control is himself invested in and profiting from pharmaceutical companies that produce the frequently prescribed and extremely common medication."

Romney's Goldman Sachs 2002 Exchange Place Fund was valued at more than $1 million in 2010, brought in nearly $600,000 in profit for Romney that year, and invests in Watson Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Mylan, and Pfizer—all of which manufacture birth control. Watson Pharmaceuticals in particular manufactures nine forms of emergency contraception, a particular target of Romney's.

In other words, Romney is attacking President Obama for expanding women's access to birth control, but he has no problem enriching himself off the companies that manufacture it.

Does Romney know no bounds in his willingness to do and say—and hide—whatever it takes to get elected?