Romney's immigration extremism is already hurting him

Why haven't we seen former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, one of the most influential Republican voices in Florida, make an endorsement for the GOP presidential nomination? It may be because he recognizes that Mitt Romney is farther to the right on immigration than any of the other extreme Republican candidates.

The New York Times reports today:

"Mr. Bush has made clear in television interviews and in conversations with friends that he is troubled by the sharpening tenor of the race, particularly on immigration. He voiced his concern directly to Mr. Romney, two people close to him said, urging him to moderate his oratory and views to avoid a collapse of support among Hispanic voters in the general election."

His concern is justified. Romney has called the popular DREAM Act—which creates a pathway to citizenship for hardworking young people—a "handout" that he would veto. He has said he would deport all undocumented workers no matter how long they've been here or what they've contributed to American society.

Romney can't hide from his record on immigration when it comes to seeking Republican Party endorsements or the votes of the American people.