Romney's list of endorsements just got more extreme—and more anti-women's health

Just like Romney, McDonnell and Bachmann have made rolling back women's rights a priority.

Virginia's controversial Republican Governor Bob McDonnell has become one of Mitt Romney's most prominent supporters, and it's no wonder: These guys have a lot in common. Just like Romney, McDonnell has made rolling back women's rights a priority. He recently signed into law a requirement for Virginia women to undergo an unnecessary ultrasound before receiving an abortion, making it harder to receive a medical procedure women are legally entitled to receive. And that's just the latest move from a man who has made a political career out of attacking women's rights: During his time in the Virginia House of Delegates, McDonnell introduced a whopping 35 anti-women's health bills.

And today, the list of Romney endorsements took yet another lurch to the right, as former rival Michele Bachmann added her name to Romney's increasingly extreme team. Bachmann, one of Congress's biggest anti-choice crusaders, gets big applause at right-wing events when she argues for defunding Planned Parenthood. And as the House Tea Party caucus chair, she introduced legislation that would force medical providers to make the heartbeat of a fetus audible and visible to those seeking an abortion.

In other words, she'll fit right in on Team Romney.

Romney is, after all, the most extreme presidential candidate in decades when it comes to women's health. He believes the Supreme Court should overturn Roe v. Wade. Like Bachmann, he has proudly proclaimed that he wants to "get rid of" federal funding for Planned Parenthood. And like McDonnell, he endorsed a South Carolina informed consent bill that would not only mandate pre-abortion ultrasounds but also force a woman to certify in writing that she had seen it.

By his actions and by the company he keeps, Romney's message to women is plain: He's going to turn the clock back on your health and your rights.

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