Rubio's extreme answer to the President's contraception plan

Under the compromise President Obama announced today on contraceptive coverage, women will have access to free contraception and preventive care, regardless of where they work. 

But Republicans, and Marco Rubio, in particular, are trying to push back on this critical women's health issue. The Florida senator and rumored potential GOP vice presidential candidate recently released proposed legislation in response to the new birth control rule, and it's extreme. Rubio's plan would effectively permit any employer to deny someone contraceptive coverage. Or as Mother Jones puts it:

"In English, this means that no entity has to cover birth control in a health plan if it can point to a religious reason for not doing so. And the entity itself is not required to have any religious affiliation. It oculd just be a plain old corporation. That means that if the middle-aged white guy who runs your company is religious opposed to birth control, he can have it stripped out of your insurance plan—even if his Viagra is still covered. You could wake up the next morning and find you're still paying full price for drugs that you once got for free or at much-reduced prices."

Rubio's Religious Freedom Restoration Act isn't just a response to the President's plan. It's an outrageous example of putting politics ahead of women's health—and an outright violation of women's rights.