Sam for Obama

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I became a father four and a half months ago. I come to work every day to fight for Barack Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket-- because they are fighting for my son every day.

So it was fitting that Sam and I spent our first Father's Day weekend registering voters in Northern Virginia. This election will determine what kind of future Sam inherits.

Like Barack Obama said, "We don't fear the future. We shape it."

Sam turned out to be a natural organizer. When I talked to people on the street about the importance of registering and voting in this election, it wasn't hard to convince them. I just told them how it would affect Sam.

He spent the first week of his life in the neonatal intensive care unit. Thanks to President Obama and the Affordable Care Act, Sam will never be denied health insurance coverage because of something that happened before he even opened his eyes or breathed air.

Eighteen years from now, Sam will be getting ready to head off to college. Who knows what he'll study or where he'll do it—but he'll have the opportunity. And that'll be because he and his parents campaigned for Barack Obama and for the Democratic belief that all our children have the right to a good education.

That's the kind of country I want for Sam and for all the Sams out there.

So get involved. Register to vote. Sign up for updates on the election at the top of this page. Follow us on Twitter. Like us on Facebook. Sign up to volunteer, and get out there and talk to the people in your community about why this election is so important for our future. And for Sam's future. And for the future of the Sams in your life. You'll be glad you did.