Secret Money

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Democratic National Committee Executive Director Jen O'Malley Dillon today sent this email to supporters.

Friend --

When the Supreme Court gave corporations the freedom to spend at will to influence the outcomes of our elections with its Citizens United decision, they created a campaign environment ripe for abuse.

The special interests wasted no time taking advantage. They formed organizations that are now active in nearly every state. They're currently spending hundreds of millions on ads attacking Democrats.

Karl Rove has founded two new groups for this election, with a combined budget of at least $50 million. One of them -- Crossroads GPS -- was established in such a way so as specifically to conceal the identity of its donors.

The fact is, this money could come from anyone -- big oil, insurance companies, Wall Street.

Voters deserve to know who the candidates they are being asked to support will be beholden to -- the corporate special interests or middle class families.

Unless we do something right now, we'll never find out.

So we're calling on Karl Rove to open up his books and show who exactly is funding his work.

But it's going to take an outcry to ensure voters know if special interests who want to keep outsourcing American jobs and loosen oversight of Wall Street are trying to secretly buy this election.

We need to show that Americans across the country are demanding to see the names of those trying to buy our elections if we want to force Karl Rove and those like him to disclose their donors.

Will you join this effort?

Forcing these groups to reveal their donors is the right thing for everybody.

Democrats will see who their opponents really are. Republicans will learn who to thank for all the support. And voters will find out the identities of those who are working to influence the composition of our government by buying any election result they want.

But the special interests will continue to do all they can to hide their involvement unless we force them to change their minds.

So we're starting today with Karl Rove.

He was once a party leader. He's built an organization that is currently spending cash in support of candidates as if it were the Republican National Committee.

But political parties must disclose every donation we receive.

The way these groups do business is completely different, and we're writing to Karl Rove to make it clear that refusing to release information about their contributions is fundamentally unacceptable.

Will you co-sign with me?



Jen O'Malley Dillon
Executive Director
Democratic National Committee