State of the Union watch parties are kicking off

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Tonight, President Obama will deliver his vision for our country in his third State of the Union address.

Here in D.C., the area's most enthusiastic Obama supporters are gathering at Democratic national headquarters to watch the President's address together—so many, in fact, that OFA D.C. had to open up overflow areas.

Kouri Marshall, director of OFA D.C., says that in addition to providing a central location for supporters to watch the speech, this is a chance to organize around the President's and the party's policy agenda—and support the Obama campaign.

"This is a tremendous opportunity not only to gather to watch the final State of the Union of the President's first term. We also have to remind people that it's our duty to re-elect the President, so that next time there is a State of the Union address, it's President Obama who's delivering it."

Tune in to the address at 9 p.m. ET. at,, or on all major networks and cable news stations.

And check back to our blog over the next day for highlights, video, and ways to help President Obama accomplish his goals for 2012.