Statement from DNC Vice Chair Congressman Mike Honda and DNC AAPI Caucus Chair Bel Leong-Hong on Hoekstra’s Racially Charged Super Bowl Campaign Ad

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Rep. Mike Honda, DNC Vice Chair, Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC) Chair Emeritus:

"Pete Hoekstra's Super Bowl campaign ad, is a despicable example of Republican race-baiting cloaked in the guise of genuine political debate and, quite simply, is offensive to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Hoekstra stoops to using racial stereotypes and fails to engage honestly and credibly on the issues. The only point of an ad like this is to gin up anti-Asian American sentiment at a time when we need to be united as a nation in order to move all Americans forward.

There's no room—anytime, anywhere—for this kind of ignorance and intolerance in campaigning or governing. The hard-working families of Michigan deserve real debate and real solutions. Sadly, Pete Hoekstra's latest ad clearly demonstrates that he lacks the values and vision to move Michigan forward. Hoekstra merely offers the kind of ignorance and intolerance that harms every single family in Michigan and beyond."

Bel Leong-Hong, DNC AAPI Caucus Chair:

“Ads like these that play on fear and racial stereotypes must never be tolerated. We must focus on the economic issues at hand, because the people of Michigan deserve better. Our nation deserves better representatives in Congress who can stick to the issues and not use harmful, divisive measures for political gain.”