Stop the sequester

Eight days from now, Republican inaction could force billions of dollars in automatic spending cuts that would hurt our economy, slow our recovery, and could put more than 2 million Americans out of work. Here's the worst part: Instead of working on a plan to avoid this sequester, John Boehner and the Republican leadership sent Congress home for the week.

Our chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, just sent this email calling on Republicans to get back to work to avoid this manufactured crisis. If you agree with her that it's time for Republicans to do their job and fight for the middle class, add your name.

Friend --

Congressional Republicans have taken their partisan brinkmanship to an entirely new level.

Unless they act by March 1st, billions of dollars in automatic cuts -- the so-called sequester -- will start to take effect. If it does, more than 2 million jobs could be lost, 70,000 children would be kicked off of Head Start, and 10,000 teachers' jobs would be put at risk.

With this fiscal crisis looming, what did John Boehner and Republican leadership do? They went on vacation, calling recess for the House this week even though Democrats voted to stay and work to avert this crisis.

This is no time for recess. It's time for them to do their job.

Demand Republicans in Congress come back to the table and work with the President to avoid this crisis. Sign the petition now.

The unbelievable thing is -- this crisis is completely avoidable.

The President has laid out a specific plan with detailed cuts to avoid the sequester and reduce the deficit in a balanced way, and Democrats in Congress have put forward a balanced approach as well.

But Republicans in Congress would rather see our recovery and middle-class economic security be put at risk than close one tax loophole for big corporations and the wealthiest among us.

John Boehner and House Republican leaders need to hear from thousands of Americans across the country that they need to come back to the table and work with us to avoid these automatic cuts. The only way they'll do their job is if our overwhelming response leaves them no choice.

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Together, we can do this.



Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Democratic National Committee