"Tea Party stranglehold"

This election isn't just about defeating Mitt Romney, Donna Brazile writes in an email to Democratic supporters. We have a change to take back Congress from the Tea Party stranglehold in 39 days—but we need your help. Check out Donna's email, then chip in $5—because your donation is going to make the biggest impact on the results of the election right now.

Friend --

This is one of the last times I'll send you an email about a critical fundraising deadline in this election.

So here it is: We need your help if we're going to defeat Mitt Romney and take back Congress from the Tea Party stranglehold.

Why? Because in six weeks, this thing is going to be over. Win or lose, good or bad, it'll be the end of this election. And your donation is going to make the biggest impact right now.

So I need you to help out. Can you donate $5 or more today?

Millions of Americans are counting on us -- there's more on the line than ever before.

If we don't do all we can between now and Election Day, there are simply no words to describe the regret we could feel. Mitt Romney and a cohort of extreme Republicans could be at the helm of every policy decision that affects you, me, and all Americans for generations to come.

Can I count you in to help build this movement by chipping in $5 or more?

I'm proud to be standing with you,

Donna Brazile

P.S. -- Election Day is just 39 days away, and we're up against our biggest fundraising deadline yet. Chip in $5 or more to make sure we win this thing.

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