Tell Congress it's time to act

On Saturday, the Senate voted overwhelmingly to extend the payroll tax cut for middle-class Americans: The vote was a resoundingly bipartisan 8910. The extension of this tax cut would benefit 160 million working Americans, but yesterday, House Republicans led the charge to prevent such an extension.

It's clearer than ever that House Republicans would rather play politics than cut taxes for non-millionaires and billionaires.

Consider this: While Speaker John Boehner and Republican leaders gathered for a photo op this morning, Democratic Minority Whip Steny Hoyer asked for a vote on the Senate's compromise bill. What did Republicans do? They ignored him, and the fill-in speaker literally walked away. Watch this video to see the Republicans' appalling walk-out on Hoyer's attempt to call for a tax cut extension:


Rather than giving Hoyer his time to speak, the Republicans ignored his call for an extension on the tax cut for the middle-class. 

Tell Congress it's time to pay attention to this issue. It's time to act.