The best organizers in New Hampshire: Obama supporters

Like a lot of college students, Shawn Doyle and Evan Milas are two Quinnipiac sophomores who are spending this winter break in New Hampshire campaigning. But despite the focus on the six Republican candidates running in the Granite State, these guys came to New Hampshire to support President Obama.

They've been in Manchester for 10 days knocking on doors and making phone calls on behalf of the President—and tonight, they signed in the more than 100 Manchester supporters who gathered to hear from DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen, and Vice President Joe Biden (via webcast).

"The focus has been on the Republican candidates," Milas says. "But the President is on the ballot in New Hampshire, and it's important to show support and build momentum—show the country Democrats and the President's campaign have energy and enthusiasm."

"We're building organizational strength for success in the fall," Doyle added. "Plus," he added, "This is a great way to spend a winter break."