The moral imperative of Roe v. Wade

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“Every child a wanted child.”

Planned Parenthood has been right for so many years in helping women and men become parents in responsible ways, so that every child can be a wanted child. Without Roe v. Wade this would be impossible. Women deserve to be safe, healthy, and respected regarding their decisions about a pregnancy. Without Roe v. Wade, this would also be impossible.

Even with Roe v. Wade, however, allowing women and their families to make responsible decisions about pregnancy is a constant struggle. Everywhere, women’s reproductive health is under attack from those who want to exercise control over what is a very personal and private issue. In America, reproductive freedom must be respected.

Even contraception, the very thing that helps most with responsible pregnancy planning, is still under attack by some conservatives, including presidential candidates. This must not go unchallenged. The vast majority of Americans support the use of contraception. Now is the time to make the strongest possible case that Roe v. Wade is a crucial part of making morally responsible decisions about pregnancy.