The President is Building an Economy Built to Last

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I proudly support President Obama because he has the leadership, vision and belief to understand that we need an economy that creates opportunities for all people, not just the privileged few. From day one, the President focused on building an economy that is built to last, where hard work and being responsible pay off instead of risky bets that help those at the top, but hurt millions. After eight disastrous years of looking out for Wall Street, we're now paying more attention to helping Main Street and the small businesses that are the engine of our economy.

Thanks to President Obama, the worst abuses of mortgage companies, credit card companies and payday lenders are being reigned in. The Wall Street reform bill he signed will prevent future bailouts, and put some common sense rules of the road in the places that will protect consumers. The President has made it clear that boosting American manufacturing is critical to putting people back to work. But we’ll need a well-educated population if we have any hopes of competing with the rest of the world so he’s raised education standards, helped make college more affordable and invested in community colleges that provide the training for many of the manufacturing jobs we will create.

It's rewarding to witness President Obama utilize his exceptional intellect on behalf of the people of America. When I think of his steady and uncompromising leadership I'm reminded of these words, "we owe so much to those who walked ahead, who kept the faith, who carried the lamb of freedom for us all." President Obama never lost his faith in the American people, and that’s why we need to keep the faith in him. We need to do everything possible to re-elect the President and help him finish the job he started in 2008.

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