The President's Easter Reflections

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In this Easter season that is sacred to so many, President Obama and the First Lady join Christians around the world in reflecting upon the foundations of their faith. We are all reminded at this time, and throughout the year, of the important values that guide us. Those common values embodied in compassion, and caring for one another, truly being our brother and sister’s keeper, help to make us great as a nation.

As the President remarked at the White House Easter Prayer Breakfast, his ability to face the challenges that confront him and all of us, is strengthened by his personal faith.

The President made the following statement about Easter:

This Sunday, Michelle and I will join Christians across the country and around the world to celebrate Easter and give thanks for the all-important gift of grace.  Easter is a time to reflect on both Christ’s suffering and ultimate triumph, as the anguish of the cross continues to give way to the victory of resurrection.  So to all those celebrating with us, we extend our warmest Easter greetings and best wishes in the days ahead.