The road to victory

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If being on the road to visit six State Democratic Parties both in the South and the Lower- and Upper-Midwest in four days is any indication of what Democrats have in store for the Republicans this cycle, my judgment is we’re in good hands! The innovative projects and sheer grassroots organizing happening in states across the country right now is staggering. We're in this to win elections – and with these State Democratic Parties, we will!

I started in Tennessee at a great lunch with Chair Roy Herron and Executive Director Kevin Teets who are laser-focused on building constituency caucuses and how we best achieve successes within both the National Party and on the state level. We also discussed bringing greater focus to members of the faith community within the Party. We ended with a note about political humor and the two books he’s authored. What a truly accomplished State Party Chair!

After that I visited with staff at the  Kentucky Party Headquarters in Frankfurt, Kentucky. Early the following morning, I participated in a sit-down with West Virginia Democratic Party Executive Director Jacob Winowich to get a better understanding of the state-of-play in a really big electoral year in local and statewide contests.

Getting back on the road to nearby Columbus, Chair Chris Redfern, his staff and I talked through the Ohio Democratic Party’s focus on political party effectiveness through metrics and measuring benchmarks. What an enlightening conversation! Next door at the Indiana Democratic Party, I had the opportunity to meet with Chair John Zody and the full state party staff about the commitment the ASDC is making in order to train and strengthen State Parties going into the 2014 cycle. They were especially interested in the training programs we’re working on rolling out in the coming months.

Finally, I got a change to sit down with the new Michigan Democratic Party Executive Director Garrett Arwa. Just a few months into his job, he's already energizing and empowering local grassroots volunteers to take back the Michigan Legislature and statewide offices.

Thanks to all the ASDC Members and state party staff for the opportunity to meet with you and learn more about the incredible election-winning operations they’re running. Republicans should be on-notice,  because State Democratic Parties have the structure and guts to get things done in 2014!