The Worst Election You’ve Never Heard of

As Chair of the Democratic Party, I've been to more GOTV events than I can count. I've visited almost every state and have been involved in everything from the Presidential election to Governorships to ballot initiatives and small town races.

But never have I seen an election like the one that's happening in Colorado right now.

After the Colorado legislature passed commonsense gun violence prevention measures, national deep-pocketed gun lobbyists and their allies decided they weren't satisfied. They weren't going to let a small thing like the democratic process get in their way. So instead of waiting until the next election (which is only a little more than a year away), they're bankrolling a wasteful recall effort on two current elected officials — elected officials who have strong track records on job creation, education and strengthening Colorado's middle-class families.
This effort is a blatant attack on our Democratic principles and it's a waste of Colorado taxpayer dollars. A recall will cost Colorado's citizens hundreds of thousands of dollars. It also sets a dangerous precedent for communities across our country. Local elections are supposed to be about the people in their districts, not extreme national groups trying to impose their policies.

These national gun lobbyists have already tried to buy votes in Congress. Let's not let them buy elections, too.

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