"This is personally offensive"

On the debate stage last week, Mitt Romney shamelessly misled the American people when he said he has a plan to insure people with pre-existing conditions.

Like so much of the rhetoric that comes out of Romney's mouth, it's simply not true—even his campaign admitted it after the debate. Our chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a breast cancer survivor, says this latest example of say-anything dishonesty is personally offensive to her, and she wants all of us to set the record straight. Check out the email she sent to Democrats today, and chip in $5 or whatever you can to help us make sure everyone knows the truth.

Friend --

At the debate, Mitt Romney looked the American public in the eye and said: "I do have a plan that deals with people with pre-existing conditions. That's part of my health care plan."

His campaign quietly admitted afterwards that, no, it is not, in fact, a part of his health care plan.

As a breast cancer survivor and someone living with a pre-existing condition, this statement was more personally offensive than any of his repeated promises to repeal Obamacare. This kind of say-anything dishonesty is typical from Mitt Romney and the Republicans.

You can do something. Please give $5 or more today to help Democrats set the record straight about Romney and his allies. Voters need to know.

When the other side makes empty, dishonest promises like this one, it's not only the worst kind of politics, it's toying with real people's lives.

As a cancer survivor, I know just how much we used to be at the mercy of insurance providers. Obamacare protects us from unfair practices like lifetime caps on your coverage, denial of coverage because of pre-existing conditions, and being dropped from your policy exactly when you need it most. Mitt Romney will take that all away -- but when he's asked point-blank about it, he won't admit it.

We deserve better. But we need to work harder than ever for it.

Time to suit up and fight back. Please donate $5 or more today -- let's stand together and keep Mitt Romney and Republicans in Congress away from our health care:



Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Democratic National Committee

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