Today’s decision is a victory for Pennsylvania voters

Today, we achieved another significant victory in our historic efforts to protect the right to vote when a Pennsylvania judge blocked implementation of the state’s restrictive voter ID law for this year’s presidential election.

The Pennsylvania voter ID law was one of the most onerous in the nation. It imposed heavy burdens on tens of thousands of Pennsylvania voters who lacked the particular kind of photo ID specified in the legislation. The court concluded the state had failed to establish procedures to cure deficiencies in access to new photo IDs, and predicted that implementation of the law would result in the disenfranchisement of eligible Pennsylvania voters.

As a result of the judge’s ruling, all eligible voters of the commonwealth will be able to exercise their fundamental right to vote on Election Day, just like they have in previous elections.

Democrats and voting rights advocates have now scored several major victories in voting rights cases—not only in Pennsylvania, but also in states like Florida, Iowa, and New Hampshire. We remain committed to making sure that every eligible voter has the ability to make their voice heard regardless of political party.

Though we celebrate these victories, there is still much work to do. In the weeks ahead, we must ensure that all voters know how to participate, and can access the ballot box on November 6. For more information on how to vote in your state, go to today.

The full text of the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania’s decision is available here.