We must re-elect President Barack Obama

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The first three years of President Obama's administration have been a huge success despite some monumental challenges. Meanwhile, Republicans are doing everything possible to turn back the clock. They've launched a coordinated effort in 30 states to make it harder for millions of Americans, some of whom voted for the first time in 2008, to vote in November. Thankfully there are robust legal efforts underway to protect access to the ballot box and we must hope that those challenges succeed.  However we can't leave it up to the courts. We must educate voters about changes to the law and motivate supporters of the President to protect his accomplishments.

As a Member of the Illinois General Assembly, a Democratic State Central Committeewoman, the 1st Vice Chair of the Illinois Democratic Party and a DNC member, I often hear from my constituents and others, that they are pleased with the President’s accomplishments that are helping the country as a whole, and the African American Community in particular.

When you take a step back and think about all that the President has done, you have to conclude that the President has done a remarkable job and made lasting change that will help African Americans for decades.

Despite a Republican Congress with no desire to compromise, the President has turned the country around after eight disastrous years of failed leadership. Thanks to President Obama, we now have an economy that is growing and creating jobs. He saved the auto industry and the 1.4 million jobs it supports. 

The President increased access to healthcare for seven million African Americans currently without coverage and ended some of the worst abuses from insurance companies. He made college more affordable and made a record investment in HBCU's. The President revitalized schools and boosted Head Start funding, and put more capital into the hands of minority-owned businesses.

While we owe the President a debt of gratitude for his courageous actions, the best way to reward him is with another term to finish turning the country around. I am hopeful that all Americans will remember these accomplishments and recognize the importance of casting their votes for necessary and meaningful change in November.

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