What the American Jobs Act Means for African-Americans

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President Obama's plan to put the country back to work, the American Jobs Act, will help those struggling most in this economy. The President’s proposal will boost African-American families by creating pathways back to work, reducing taxes, and rebuilding communities.

At a time when the unemployment rate is at 46.5 percent for African-American youth, the President has proposed we build on successful programs like the TANF Emergency Fund to create jobs and provide career training.

By extending payroll tax cuts, President Obama is putting more money in the pockets of 18.5 million African-American workers. He has also introduced a plan that will help more than 100,000 African-American-owned small businesses through tax-cuts and hiring and investment incentives.

The President’s plan reflects a commitment to rebuilding and revitalizing communities across the country. The American Jobs Act proposes a $10 billion investment directed to the lowest-income public school districts in the country, which will benefit many African-American students. The plan also calls for investments in infrastructure that will help create jobs for construction workers while stabilizing neighborhoods with high concentrations of foreclosures.

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