What’s worse than holiday traffic?

In honor of the holiday season, the Democrats launched a new guide to help you engage your Republican relatives. Check out the email below from Digital Director Matt Compton, and be sure to visit:

Friend --

This time of year, the only thing more annoying than holiday traffic is an awkward conversation with family about politics.

Don't get me wrong -- I love the Republicans in my life. But nothing ruins a slice of pecan pie faster than talking through immigration reform with a cousin who spends too much time listening to Rush Limbaugh.

That's why we're launching And if you want to make sure that the political debates around your dinner table this Thanksgiving stay tethered to reality, you should check it out.

We can't do anything about highway congestion, but we can make sure you have the information you need to answer a bonkers question about President Obama's record on jobs or the perfect fact to respond to a ridiculous argument about the Affordable Care Act.

And to make sure you get that information whenever you need it, we designed so that it looks great and loads quickly on your phone -- no getting ambushed when you go back for seconds on stuffing.

This holiday season, don't stress about the political debates. We've got your back:

Happy Thanksgiving!


Matt Compton
Digital Director
Democratic National Committee

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