Why I support President Barack Obama's re-election

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President Obama has done a remarkable job under some extremely difficult and trying circumstances and he deserves to be reelected.  Although a no-brainer to me, there are those who need a little convincing so it seems reasonable to delve into why I know the President should be returned to the White House for another four years.

Back in 2008, I remember watching then Senator Barack Obama at a DNC reception inspire a wave of people with his call to action and vision for turning the country around.  After the event, he came over to me and we exchanged pleasantries about the way people were so moved by his words.  That wave scenario would be repeated throughout the campaign and I was intrigued by how unfazed he appeared to be by all of the attention he generated and the sense of humility he maintained.

Initially, I remember thinking “Bless his heart, he doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance” but during the South Carolina primary, it became clear that Senator Obama had the necessary intellect and a sincerity and compassion to be President.  You could also tell that his days as a community organizer on the south side of Chicago had given him a window into the challenges ordinary Americans faced in trying to go about their daily lives.  His message about restoring a sense of fairness and rebuilding our country resonated with grassroots people in a way that had never been seen before and the connection was spiritual on so many levels.  Many of us continue to believe the President has the favor of God upon him and that is how he won and will win again in November.

My role as a “super delegate” put me in a position to have substantive conversations with most of the candidates.  In all of my conversations with Senator Obama, I was struck by his clarity, sense of purpose, confidence and certainty that he was what the country needed.  I became convinced that he was indeed what America needed.

I reflect on my late mother, Nina Cobb, who proudly shared with just about everybody in the small community where she lived that the future President had left her a voice mail asking for her help in convincing me to support him.  She became a fierce advocate and in this current political climate, I can hear her saying, “why don’t they just stop bickering and let him do his job!”   My mom would have celebrated her 80th birthday on February 20th and I am so grateful she lived to see the first man of color elected President of the United States. 

I have not regretted my support and have been pleased with the President’s performance.  Like others, there are some of his decisions that I took issue with at first, only to find that his action was the right one.  I have been so proud to have a President we can trust to defend this great country of ours.  And it has been great to have a President who the rest of the world respects, and who has restored our standing across the globe.

His calm, deliberative and inclusive approach is the type of leadership needed for these turbulent times.  I strongly believe that President Obama has grown into this position and am excited about the new heights he will be able to take this country as a result of that growth.   He has earned the right to lead America for the next four years and I will do all that I can once more to ensure that he gets that chance.

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