Why I support the President

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Too often we can get wrapped up in our daily struggles that we forget to stop and reflect where we are, where we have been, and where are we going.

Where we were: a nation on the verge of collapse created by costly wars, failed tax policies, and financial speculators. Most Americans feared they too would be joining the millions of the homeless and unemployed. Then we voted for hope and change and elected Barack Obama.

Where we are: Despite GOP obstructionist efforts over the last three years, it's truly  remarkable that we are seeing an economic recovery. Americans are beginning to feel the economic recovery created by this President and his administration. The Iraq war has ended and our Commander –in-Chief has kept his promise and has brought the troops home. A responsible drawdown in Afghanistan has begun.

Where we are going: Well that depends on you! If you are gullible enough to believe the old song & dance rhetoric Republicans preach that derailed America several times in the past, then vote GOP. I prefer that we stay with the proven course and re-elect President Obama and a Congress willing to build a lasting America!