Why I support the President

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Serving in the late 1960’s in the U.S. Navy in the Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam gives me a perspective through the years of American presidents and their administrations and how they have attempted to fulfill our country’s obligation to those who have served, and their families. I can honestly say that President Obama and his administration has done more in that regard than any president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt was president during WW2.

President Obama is a true friend to the Military, Veterans and their families.  He and his wife, Michelle, are clearly dedicated to those who have served. They understand the great sacrifices made to protect all of us and the need to fulfill our nation’s obligation to those that have served honorably.

Under President Obama’s leadership, this administration has already ended successfully the war in Iraq, and is drawing down our troop level in Afghanistan with a clear end in sight to that war. President Obama has worked with a purpose and remained focused on ridding the world of brutal dictators, terrorists, and tyrants. He has ended successfully the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, fully expanded educational benefits to military veterans and their families as well as increased VA budgets to properly treat our wounded warriors physical needs as well as their mental health needs. He has already reduced the homeless veterans population by over 12% and is focused on ending their homelessness totally. President Obama has worked tirelessly to reach out to private industry in an effort to hire our returning and unemployed veterans, he continues to invest in education, rebuilding and modernizing America in the process.

 I am proud to stand with President Obama as our Commander in Chief, I thank him and the First Lady for all they have done in honoring and caring for those of us that have served and protected this great country honorably.