Wrapping up Mitt Romney’s convention reinvention

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Mitt Romney put the Republican National Convention to bed last night with the biggest speech of his campaign—but he failed to outline any tangible ideas to move America forward.Although his remarks were full of gauzy platitudes and false attacks, he didn’t offer any specifics about his record or his vision for the country he wants to lead.

Notably absent from Romney’s speech was any mention of immigration, Afghanistan, or how he’d pay for his massive tax cuts for the wealthy. He made sure to repeat the false, debunked claim that President Obama cut Medicare to fund Obamacare—but declined to explain his own plan to turn Medicare into a voucher system, a change that could raise retirees’ annual costs by up to $6,400 a year. He made sure to insult the scientific community by mocking President Obama’s efforts to address climate change, but he didn’t mention the war in Afghanistan once—and he failed to acknowledge our troops for fighting the longest war in American history.

And just like his running mate the night before, Romney played fast and loose with the facts, knowingly repeating lies that have been thoroughly debunked by independent fact checkers. Here are three of the biggest whoppers he served up last night:

Romney charged once again that President Obama began his presidency with an “apology tour,” a claim that Politifact called a “ridiculous charge” and rated as “Pants on Fire.” Yet, “despite earning Four Pinocchios for months, Romney keeps saying this.”

He said the President has thrown Israel “under the bus,” when in reality, President Obama has provided Israel with unshakeable support and unprecedented aid—in fact, “more than anything” Israeli leaders can remember.

Romney even claimed that President Obama has raised taxes on the middle class, a demonstrably false charge made even more hypocritical by the fact that Romney’s own plan would raise taxes on middle-class families with kids by an average of $2,000 in order to pay for a $5 trillion tax cut favoring millionaires and billionaires.

For all its fanfare and slick packaging, Mitt Romney’s convention reinvention couldn’t rewrite his long record of putting those at the very top above the middle class, or obscure his clear vision for taking us back to the failed top-down economic policies of the past. After all, there are some things you just can’t etch-a-sketch away.