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Romney Criticized Obama For Enforcing Trade Laws On Chinese Tires

October 11, 2011 at 9:23 P.M.

When the President stood up for American workers and enforced trade laws against China, Romney said those very laws were "bad for the nation and our workers."


  • Romney: Obama’s Chinese Tire Tariffs Are “Bad For The Nation And Our Workers” And Called It “Protectionism.” “President Obama’s action to defend American tire companies from foreign competition may make good politics by repaying unions for their support of his campaign, but it is decidedly bad for the nation and our workers. Protectionism stifles productivity.” [Romney, No Apology (Case for American Greatness), Page 119]


  • Romney Said He Would Clamp Down On China By Designating Them A Currency Manipulator And Which “Allows Us To Apply Tariffs.” In an interview with Mitt Romney, Greta Van Susteren asked, “So what's sort of the mechanics of your clamping down on China?” Romney, “Well, first of all is to designate China as a currency manipulator, which allows us to apply tariffs to goods where we think their manipulation is having the greatest impact, and particularly in places where they're stealing our intellectual property. And you know, that means our patents, our designs, our know-how, where they are stealing, where they're hacking into our computer systems or where they're doing -- as we saw the other day, selling out of stores, Apple stores, apparently, Apple goods, and they weren't really legitimate Apple stores or legitimate Apple goods. Look, when that sort of thing is happening, we have to take corrective action. You can't just sit there and take that year after year. America has to say that if you're going to enter into an agreement with this country that we expect you to live by it. And right now, they're selling to America a multiple of what we sell to them, and that's not something that can go on forever. It's clearly the result of currency manipulation. That's got to end. And tariff and currency manipulator status is one way to do that.” [On The Record With Greta Van Susteren, Fox, 9/6/11]
  • Romney Said He Would Put Tariffs On China “If They Don’t Abide By The Rules.” In an interview with Mitt Romney, Larry Kudlow asked what Romney’s corrective actions would be on China.  Romney said, “Well, you take a--when you negotiate, you let them know that you're willing to take whatever action is necessary, and that would include, for instance, if they've stolen intellectual property on a particular series of goods that you're going to put tariffs on their products if they don't abide by the rules.” [Kudlow Report, CNBC, 9/6/11]
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