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GOP2012: Republican debate, January 7th, 2012
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Don’t Take Our Word For it: Republicans On Republicans

September 08, 2011 at 10:30 A.M.

So much for Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment. At last night’s Republican debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, the Republican candidates for president took the gloves off and attacked. But don’t take our word for it; read what they said about one another.



Romney Said Being A Career Politician Would Be Helpful "If Someone Were Looking To Say How Can We Restructure Government." "It's a fine profession, and if someone were looking to say how can we restructure government and which agency should report to which agency, maybe that's the best background." [Romney, Republican Debate, 9/7/11]

Romney Told Perry: "George Bush And His Predecessor Created Jobs Faster Than You Did, Governor." [Romney, Republican Debate, 9/7/11]

Romney Said Perry Benefited From “Zero Income Tax," "A Right To Work State," An All-Republican Government And "A Lot Of Oil And Gas In The Ground." Romney responded to attacks from Perry on his job record. "States are different. Texas is a great state. Texas has zero income tax, Texas has a right to work state, a Republican Legislature, a Republican Supreme Court. Texas has a lot of oil and gas in the ground. Those are wonderful things, but Governor Perry doesn't believe he created those things. Why be like Al Gore saying he invented the internet? The reality is, there are differences. There are differences between states." [Romney, Republican Debate, 9/7/11]

Romney Attacked Perry’s Book For Calling Social Security A Failure. "Our Nominee Has To Be Someone Who Isn't Committed To Abolishing Social Security."  "In the book 'Fed Up,' you say by any measure Social Security is a failure. You can't say that to tens of millions of Americans who live on social security and those who have lived on it. Our nominee has to be someone who isn't committed to abolishing Social Security but is committed to saving Social Security... We save social security and under no circumstances, would I ever say by any measure it's a failure. It is working for millions of Americans, and I'll keep it working for millions of Americans, and we've got to do that as a party." [Romney, Republican Debate, 9/7/11]



Perry: Michael Dukakis Created Jobs Two Times Faster Than Romney. "I know Michael Dukakis created jobs two times faster than you did, Mitt." [Perry, Republican Debate, 9/7/11]

Perry Said As Governor, Romney Had One Of The Lowest Job Creation Rates In The Country. "Governor Romney left the private sector, and he did a great job of creating jobs in the private sector all around the world, but the fact is when he moved that experience to government, he had one of the lowest job creation rates in the country, so the fact is while he had a good private sector record, his public sector record did not match that. As a matter of fact, we created more jobs in the last three months in Texas than he created in four years in Massachusetts." [Perry, Republican Debate, 9/7/11]

Perry: RomneyCare Was A Great Opportunity To See What Will Not Work. "It was a great opportunity for us as a people to see what will not work, and that is an individual mandate in this country." [Perry, Republican Debate, 9/7/11]

Perry Said People Of Texas Don’t Want A Massachusetts Style Health Care Plan. "I'll tell you what the people in the state of Texas don’t want, they don’t want a health care plan like what Governor Romney put in place in Massachusetts." [Perry, Republican Debate, 9/7/11]



Bachmann Criticized Perry Forcing Girls To Be Inoculated Against HPV, Abrogating Parental Rights. "I'm very concerned about the issue of parental rights. When it comes to dealing with children, it's the parents that need to make the decision. It's wrong for government, state or federal government, to impose on parents what they must do to inoculate their children. This is very serious and it's important, again, parents have the right. Educational reform, that's another area. That's where I cut my teeth in politics, being involved in educational reform. The problem you see is one of framing, the idea should the federal government control these areas or parents and localities control these areas? We have the best results when we have the private sector and when we have the family involved. We have the worst results when the federal government gets involved, and especially by dictate to impose something like an inoculation on an innocent 12-year-old girl. I would certainly oppose that." [Bachmann, Republican Debate, 9/7/11]



Huntsman On Romney And China: “Now Is Not The Time… To Enter A Trade War." In tonight's debate, Jon Huntsman said of Mitt Romney’s plan for dealing with China, "I'd have to say, Mitt, now is not the time in a recession to enter a trade war." [Huntsman, Republican Debate, 9/7/11]

Huntsman Said Bachmann’s Promise Of $2 Per Gallon Gasoline Is Not Realistic. When asked if Michele Bachmann’s promise of $2 per gallon gasoline if elected president was "realistic for a president to promise that," Huntsman said, "Of course not. I'm not sure dictating prices is going to get you anywhere, but let's face the reality of where we are, this is a perfect example of where presidential leadership matters." [Huntsman, Republican Debate, 9/7/11]

Huntsman Criticized His Republican Rivals For Running From Science When It Comes To Climate Change And Evolution. "Listen, when you make comments that fly in the face of what 98 out of 100 climate scientists have said, when you call to question evolution, all I'm saying is that in order for the Republican Party to win, we can't run from science, we can't run from mainstream conservative philosophy." [Huntsman, Republican Debate, 9/7/11]



Paul Said Perry Wrote A Letter Supporting "Hillarycare" And Questioned His Commitment To The "Cause Of Liberty."“First off, you know, the Governor of Texas criticized the governor of Massachusetts for 'Romneycare,' but he wrote a really fancy letter supporting ‘Hillarycare,’ but mandates that's what society is about, government does, mandate, mandate, mandate, and we talk so much about the Obama mandate, which is very important, but what about Medicare, isn't that a mandate? Everything we do is a mandate. So this is why you have to look at this at the cause of liberty." [Paul, Republican Debate, 9/7/11]



Cain Claimed "Romneycare" Doesn’t Work. "No, an individual mandate to buy something is not constitutional. Now, back in the early 1990s, I worked with Speaker Gingrich to fight 'Hillarycare.' I have been outspoken fighting 'Obamacare,' which needs to be repealed. Now I'm running against 'Romneycare.' Neither one of them works." [Cain, Republican Debate, 9/7/11]



Santorum Criticized Perry For Putting States’ Rights Ahead Of Parental Rights. "I want to get back to this Gardasil issue. Governor Perry talking about state rights, state rights, how about parental rights, if you really cared, you can make the case instead of forcing me, as a parent, and I have seven children too, the wide receivers here have on the ends here have seven children each, but I'm offended that the government would tell me, and by an executive order. Without going through the process of letting the people have any kind of input. I would expect this from president Obama, I would not expect this from someone calling himself a conservative governor." [Santorum, Republican Debate, 9/7/11]

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