• A Preview of Today’s GOP Debate

    The Las Vegas debate will demonstrate that for the American people, the choice is clear: the President is committed to fighting for the interests of the middle class, while Republicans are only interested in fighting for special interests and protecting the wealth of the privileged few.

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  • Congratulations to Janice Hahn

    Yesterday, California’s 36th Congressional District held a special election and voters elected Democrat Janice Hahn to serve as their next representative in Congress. Voters rejected the negative tactics by the other side, and instead elected a committed public servant who will bring to Washington her focus on creating jobs and growing the economy.

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  • DNC Chairman Tim Kaine’s Statement on the Midterm Election Results

    In November 2008, the American people voted for change – for a President that would stand up for the needs of middle-class families and a government that would work together to address America’s biggest challenges. With the two houses of Congress now divided between Democrats and Republicans, it is incumbent upon both parties to take responsibility for governing so we can move the nation forward.

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